What is the meaning of female g-spot, how to find the women’s G point?

G point is a German gynecologist first discovered, so this point with the first letter of its name named G’s point.

What is the meaning of female G point? G’s point is a sensitive point, the discovery of this sensitive point is very accidental. G doctor for female patients with gynecological endoscopy, the right index finger and middle finger into the vagina, when exposed to the anterior vaginal wall, found that the patient’s body trembling. After repeated practice, found the G’s sensitive point. Its position in the anterior vaginal wall, the right position is the vaginal opening of the upper edge of the pubic cervix line between the outer 2/3 and 1/3 of the junction point. When the doctor in the consultation finger touched the sensitive point, the patient has the feeling of urinary urgency, Kuiran before doing this examination has been urinating. Urinary bladder without urinary urgency, is a sensitive response. If you continue to stimulate this point, the muscles near the vagina will be spasm, pelvic trembling, if stimulated go, it will promote the arrival of orgasm.

Stimulate the Yin Emperor and stimulate the feeling of G’s point is different. When the G’s point is stimulated, the pleasure of the degree of stimulation than the Yin Emperor to high, women masturbation masturbation, the color is usually Emperor stimulation. G points can also be stimulated to do.

In men who can also find G-spot. As the anterior vaginal wall of women and the urethra is very close paste, they infer to the posterior urethra of the prostate. Urologist with a finger probe into the male patient’s anus, exposure to the prostate, the patient will appear strange feeling, massage a minute or two, it appears ejaculation, which is the G point stimulation results.


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