What is the most attract a woman’s man?

Survey shows that men attract women in addition to the rich material base and the necessary appearance, there are many things that can attract a woman’s eye. So, the most attractive woman is what kind of man?

He is well dressed

We do not mean that if he does not wear Armani you can not go to bed with him, but compared to those who slovenly guy, a focus on wearing a man is more likely to be a polite lover. In addition, if he can note the shirt and pants with, he will also nail modification neatly. But beware of those who are over-seeking clothing. If a man in front of the mirror repeatedly check their appearance, I am afraid he likes narcissism, and will not share your happiness.

He gazed at you

When he talks to you, he stares into your eyes and he listens attentively when you speak. In the restaurant he is not looking around, but focus on you. A man who does not communicate with his eyes can not be a good lover. And those who can find your little finger on the little man on the scar in the bed you can be regarded as the goddess.

He has a good sense of humor

No one likes to treat life and their own too serious man. Sex, as we know, sometimes very embarrassed, the best lover is at that moment also laughed out of people. When the waiter accidentally spilled red wine on his non-iron jacket, he did not rage but music up, that he has considerable sense of humor.

He even said with a picture

If a man dances, palms squeeze each other, or put his finger on his lips, just to show that they are not binding, tactile sensitive. You can expect them to have good performance.

He loves to smile

Such people have a sense of humor, more than that. His smile should spread to his eyes, and he should not be afraid to open his mouth when laughing. If his lips are closed, he may not be brave enough.

He is very generous

Small people are usually not likely to make you satisfied. Boasted how much money they spend a man to buy a bottle of red wine, the performance of the bed will feel very in place. Let us compromise: a do not mind spending money, but not a waste of men.

He can dance

It does not have to be as good as Ricky Martin jumps. In fact, he only needs to have a good sense of rhythm, there is a desire to swing his body, which indicates that he likes adventure. A man who does not care about his image, a man who likes to enjoy himself, which represents his sexual potential.


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