Does Male masturbation harmful to himself?

Masturbation supplement sexual intercourse, each person’s sexual needs are not the same, when the supply and demand curve of their own and sexual partners are not balanced, masturbation can be timely to fill the gap, such as their own or pillow people sick, travel, masturbation that can meet each other Of the sexual needs. So, male masturbation harmful to the body do?

Here I give you a detailed answer to the following boring, nothing to masturbation, a lot of people rely on adult products to comfort to vent pressure, another mood of people there. Masturbation is one way to meet sexual desire, sexual impulses, will want to vent; tired, there is no sexual interest, face up to emotions, follow the body’s signal, do not have to suppress, do not have to. In this case,Masturbation will impotence premature ejaculation or loss of masculinity it? This is all a drop of blood, ten drops of blood superstition, often to move out of the ancients, say masturbation ejaculation after 8 days to recover, and intercourse as long as 3 days ; Fact is not the case, more likely to be worried about being hit feel embarrassed, the results of a tension on premature ejaculation or transient impotence by sex toys for men.

Male ejaculation ejaculation, does not prevent the function of manufacturing semen, on the contrary, in order to “Xi Jing”, blindly forbearance does not shoot, or pinch penis root forcing semen countercurrent, but can cause ejaculation weakness or prostate inflammation. Thus, masculine masturbation on the body is not much harm.


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