The Importance of Foreplay in Sexual Life

What is a foreplay? Open the English “Weber Dictionary”, we can see that its interpretation is “in a matter of preparation before the event.” So what is really important in the back? This is true for men, but not necessarily for women.

Physiological dyssynchrony

Now the purpose of human sexuality mostly for pleasure and orgasm. For men, want to get the climax, naturally rely on the penis and vagina Unicom and mobile, the traditional sense of sexual behavior and the dictionary of “sexual intercourse” is also the definition. However, the survey data show that only 30% of women sex toys can be orgasm through a simple plug-in behavior. Then, for most women, sexual intercourse itself can be regarded as the main part of sexual activity, it becomes a problem.

Most women get orgasm, in fact, through the clitoris of the female body the most sensitive organ, but in the insertion process, the clitoris can only be an indirect stimulus, which is a woman can not get the culmination of the reasons for this behavior.

And many of the women who reported having orgasms through insertions were more likely to have orgasms when using the upper posture, perhaps because their clitorids were in contact with the partner’s body in this position. There is also a theory that these women are able to get through the insertion of the climax, because their clitoral position and the vagina is relatively close.

From this point of view, from anatomical point of view, men and women in order to define from the dictionary of sexual behavior at the same time climax, but it is not realistic thing.

Microwave VS pots

So, in order to fit the physiological feelings of women, we should not modify the mind about the “foreplay” definition? Because for men, the foreplay is to provoke the desire of the “appetizer”, and for women, it is to enjoy the “feast” of the real moment.

A woman physiologist described the man and woman orgasm: men like a microwave oven, spend a short time to heat up, and women like pot with soup, you need a small fire stew in order to burn out the soup. Physiological studies show that a man can get orgasm after 4 minutes, while women take 11 minutes on average – do not misunderstand, this does not mean 11 minutes of “piston movement”, but you that her important parts of 11 Minute of caress.

11 minutes! If there is no experience of the young man, I am afraid it is difficult to imagine it. No wonder many women will complain that their partner is not considerate or too impatient, it can not blame the whole group of Lengtou Qing – we are in the whole culture, are rarely from the perspective of women to consider the issue. Therefore, you gentlemen, if you really love her, you want to let her enjoy the joy of fish and water, like, be sure to mind the “foreplay” definition to a large renovation Caixing.

After the climax:

Male chauvinism prevailed, many men did not consider from the female point of view, this is also a lot of men complain about women’s hard to guess the reason. It seems that as a woman, a lot of lovers need to express their feelings, and give them patience; and as a male, you need to be less self-centered, more listening and understanding.


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