Sexual culture should pay attention to keeping it clean

In Western countries, many couples in the sex life will carefully wash the body, the severity of its disinfection, is simply amazing. Although do not have to copy the whole school, but can not let partners smell bad breath; can not just eat garlic over there to go and kiss each other.

Manners of civilization is also a necessary course of sexual accomplishment. Many men know that in life is a very gentleman, for example, he will be diligent for her to take off his coat, he will carefully to her tablecloth, he will give her car door open, even in her sudden situation, he will considerate To buy her sanitary napkins. However, to the bed for sex toys, he may be a little gentleman. He only care about their feelings, did not consider her feelings. He does not understand caresses, do not understand flirting, do not understand gentle words. This is the woman can not tolerate.

Often pay attention to keep clean, or prepare a bottle of fragrance perfume may play a better effect.


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