The performance of the making love boundaries

Sexual life interval to how long as well? This depends on the individual circumstances of each person. The body is sturdy, good nutrition, the burden of work is not too heavy people, sperm reproductive ability, strong gonadal secretion, even more number, but also not affect. But also according to the second day after sexual intercourse by sex toys what performance and feeling.
In this case,Generally believed that the day after sex or in recent days, the following circumstances, can be considered excessive:

1. Mental fatigue, malaise, listless, can not afford the spirit to work, boring, learning is not concentrated, sleepy;

2. General weakness, backache leg, too lazy to move, top-heavy, dizzy, eyes take Venus;

3. pale, eyes without God, look haggard, body weight loss;

4. Shortness of breath, when sweating, insomnia, not easy to fall asleep;

5. loss of appetite, not eating, poor appetite, and mild nausea.

In order to prevent the emergence of these signals, not only the appropriate control of the number of sexual intercourse, but also to do “two noes”:

Strong labor should not intercourse, or excessive physical exertion, will damage the “vitality”, harm is not shallow.

Wine does not intercourse. Chinese medicine has said, “drunk to the room, in order to exhaust its essence.” Meaning in the case of drunken sexual intercourse, to affect health, is premature death, premature aging reasons.

If the above situation, indicating excessive libido, should be promptly corrected, to be controlled, reduce the number and time of each sexual intercourse. In severe cases, should be suspended for a period of life. Or go out, or separation, or sub-bed, to not see, do not contact is appropriate.


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