Can we also be sex after wife pregnancy

His wife is pregnancy four months, and the recent desire for the degree of high price of sex. But worried that after pregnancy will affect the sex life of the baby, so I have not dare to rash. I want to know after pregnancy can have sex, how to arrange?

Early pregnancy should be appropriate to reduce sexual life

Women after pregnancy because of endocrine function changes, early pregnancy response and take into account the impact on the embryo, sexual life requirements and sexual response decreased. The first 3 months of pregnancy, on the one hand because the placenta is not yet mature, the placenta and uterine wall connection is not close, on the other hand progesterone secretion, can not give the embryo strong maintenance, this time for sex, may cause miscarriage .

Health Tip: sex life in early pregnancy to 1-4 times per month as well. When making love, should not take the oppression of the abdomen posture movements, such as the husband’s arm straight position, does not oppress the abdomen of the cross position or expansion position, the action should be relaxed, avoid intense stimulation. Husband should be concerned about his wife, in order to mother and child health, early pregnancy to minimize sexual life by male’s sex toys.

Appropriate sexual life in the second trimester
Mid-pregnancy, the placenta has been formed, more stable pregnancy; early pregnancy reaction has passed, increased libido, can be a modest sex life. Moderate sex during the second trimester, beneficial to the husband and wife and the healthy development of the fetus. Domestic and foreign studies have shown that: pregnant and loving husband and wife during pregnancy, pregnant women feel good, can effectively promote the growth and development of the fetus, children born to agile, language development and good health. But sex is not the more the better, to be reasonable arrangements for the love posture and frequency to be noted, to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

Health Tip: this time for the safety period, sex life 1-2 times a week is appropriate, sex couples can take both habits and comfortable posture, but be careful not to oppression of the abdomen, posture can be used front position, lateral position, Anterior sitting position or back position. Do not stimulate pregnant women nipples. Pregnant women should pay attention to their own regulation, not over-excited, so as not to induce abortion.

Late pregnancy should try to avoid sex life

Late pregnancy, pregnant women, belly was bulging, body size and weight changes significantly, the body bulky, low back pain, loss of libido. Increased uterine sensitivity, any external stimuli, even mild impact are easy to cause uterine contractions, causing premature delivery.

Health Tip: couples should try to reduce the number of sex toys life, 1-4 times per month as well, so as to avoid accidents. Sex should be shortened, the action should be gentle, it is best to use her husband from behind the rear side of the pregnant woman, to avoid causing abdominal compression.

After 36 weeks of pregnancy forbidden sex

At this point, the fetus began to fall, sex easily open the cervix, causing bacterial infection, resulting in premature rupture of membranes, premature delivery and intrauterine infection.

Experts point out: for mother and child health, to absolutely prohibit sex. Couples can use kiss and hug, etc. to convey love, increase communication to enhance feelings.


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