Endurance running men are more attractive to women

British “Daily Mail” reported on April 8, Cambridge University, a new study shows that men with strong running durability are often stronger reproductive capacity, so more attractive to women, male friends, you quickly exercise endurance running it.

Long-distance men are likely to be stimulated by a high level of testosterone in the womb during the fetus, which makes them not only more heart and lung function, but also stronger libido and higher quality sperm, the study said. Since ancient times, such men have been regarded as the ideal partner for women sex toys.

In this regard, the study’s first author, Cambridge University Department of Human Biology Danny Longman (Danny Longman), Dr. explained that in the ancient hunting hunting era, persistent hunting is the most important way for human food. So women are more willing to choose a mate when the durability of running men. In addition, a long-term hunting of players also often have extraordinary wisdom and dedication, which is their much favored by women one of the reasons.

The study group also found that men who are good at running longer will have a longer ring finger. Scientists have confirmed that the ring finger is longer than the index finger male testosterone levels are relatively higher. Such people are usually very outgoing personality, attractive and quite musical talent, but also more likely to be sentenced to life imprisonment or murder.


how to use vibrator for women correctly

Women with a vibrating rod is the more common use of women in society today, a fun tool, a good friend to meet the physical and mental needs of female friends. So, women with shaking rods harmful to you, how to use it correctly?

Masturbation shock rods than normal sexual behavior to stimulate long-term use, then easy to G-spot stimulate the uterus, may lead to increased dysmenorrhea, so pay attention to the use of frequency and intensity of use. In fact, there is the most important point is that disinfection problems, the original sale of vibrating rods is not possible to eliminate toxic, pay attention to the use of health. Otherwise it will lead to a variety of inflammation.

In addition, from the physical point of view, women’s excessive masturbation is prone to vaginal and other gynecological diseases and even lead to infertility. Psychological normal men and women on the imagination of sexual life is a very normal physiological behavior, resulting in masturbation is a very natural physiological requirements. However, masturbation habits dyed, it will make this a normal physiological behavior evolved into abnormal psychological behavior. Should be as much as possible to focus on learning, work.

How to use vibrator for women rods correct? Women with a vibrator before and after use to clean water to maintain personal hygiene, not to wipe the volatile detergent. Do not flush directly when cleaning. Wipe with a damp towel to prevent short circuit in the switch or power supply. Please store this product in a cool place, avoid direct sun exposure, high temperature, humidity of the premises. In addition, the proposed use with lubricants, so as to avoid improper use hurt your delicate skin.