What is the meaning of female g-spot, how to find the women’s G point?

G point is a German gynecologist first discovered, so this point with the first letter of its name named G’s point.

What is the meaning of female G point? G’s point is a sensitive point, the discovery of this sensitive point is very accidental. G doctor for female patients with gynecological endoscopy, the right index finger and middle finger into the vagina, when exposed to the anterior vaginal wall, found that the patient’s body trembling. After repeated practice, found the G’s sensitive point. Its position in the anterior vaginal wall, the right position is the vaginal opening of the upper edge of the pubic cervix line between the outer 2/3 and 1/3 of the junction point. When the doctor in the consultation finger touched the sensitive point, the patient has the feeling of urinary urgency, Kuiran before doing this examination has been urinating. Urinary bladder without urinary urgency, is a sensitive response. If you continue to stimulate this point, the muscles near the vagina will be spasm, pelvic trembling, if stimulated go, it will promote the arrival of orgasm.

Stimulate the Yin Emperor and stimulate the feeling of G’s point is different. When the G’s point is stimulated, the pleasure of the degree of stimulation than the Yin Emperor to high, women masturbation masturbation, the color is usually Emperor stimulation. G points can also be stimulated to do.

In men who can also find G-spot. As the anterior vaginal wall of women and the urethra is very close paste, they infer to the posterior urethra of the prostate. Urologist with a finger probe into the male patient’s anus, exposure to the prostate, the patient will appear strange feeling, massage a minute or two, it appears ejaculation, which is the G point stimulation results.


What is the most attract a woman’s man?

Survey shows that men attract women in addition to the rich material base and the necessary appearance, there are many things that can attract a woman’s eye. So, the most attractive woman is what kind of man?

He is well dressed

We do not mean that if he does not wear Armani you can not go to bed with him, but compared to those who slovenly guy, a focus on wearing a man is more likely to be a polite lover. In addition, if he can note the shirt and pants with, he will also nail modification neatly. But beware of those who are over-seeking clothing. If a man in front of the mirror repeatedly check their appearance, I am afraid he likes narcissism, and will not share your happiness.

He gazed at you

When he talks to you, he stares into your eyes and he listens attentively when you speak. In the restaurant he is not looking around, but focus on you. A man who does not communicate with his eyes can not be a good lover. And those who can find your little finger on the little man on the scar in the bed you can be regarded as the goddess.

He has a good sense of humor

No one likes to treat life and their own too serious man. Sex, as we know, sometimes very embarrassed, the best lover is at that moment also laughed out of people. When the waiter accidentally spilled red wine on his non-iron jacket, he did not rage but music up, that he has considerable sense of humor.

He even said with a picture

If a man dances, palms squeeze each other, or put his finger on his lips, just to show that they are not binding, tactile sensitive. You can expect them to have good performance.

He loves to smile

Such people have a sense of humor, more than that. His smile should spread to his eyes, and he should not be afraid to open his mouth when laughing. If his lips are closed, he may not be brave enough.

He is very generous

Small people are usually not likely to make you satisfied. Boasted how much money they spend a man to buy a bottle of red wine, the performance of the bed will feel very in place. Let us compromise: a do not mind spending money, but not a waste of men.

He can dance

It does not have to be as good as Ricky Martin jumps. In fact, he only needs to have a good sense of rhythm, there is a desire to swing his body, which indicates that he likes adventure. A man who does not care about his image, a man who likes to enjoy himself, which represents his sexual potential.

Buy adult sex toys products need to pay attention to what’s the problem

Many people do not have to buy experience, do not know how to choose, how to avoid the purchase of fake and shoddy products, the following we give you a few of the following, we have to buy a variety of products, Point proposal, hoping to be useful to everyone.

1. In the purchase of the best choice of well-known brands

So that both from the quality or safety and health are guaranteed, especially some with thorns and beads with the product, encountered shoddy products, easy to use in the process of falling, stranded in the female vagina, the trouble may be big.

As the saying goes, “full of warm thinking,” with the people’s material standards of living, as well as the growing concept of openness, more and more people began to pay attention to their quality of life. Sex from the initial means of fertility into a way to enjoy. Sexual appliances in improving the quality of life is undoubtedly very helpful, but also for some because of disease caused by sexual – dysfunction in the crowd, can play a very good supporting role.

Because China’s unique ideological and cultural, sexuality has been in the status of not being addressed, or even regarded as indecent, so that sex. Even today, the 21st century, sex, is still a difficult thing to say. So, on the one hand, concerned about their sexual needs, the intention to buy adult sex toys, on the one hand and hinder the surface, embarrassed to buy adult stores, how to do? The network of these people provide a very good channel to buy, Moreover, the network to buy adult products, as businesses and post offices and courier companies have cooperation, so customers can purchase the products in a confidential manner to your hands.

However, due to the shortcomings of online shopping itself, customers can not intuitively understand the details of the product characteristics, through the picture with their own understanding, it is easy to buy and expect the gap after the situation, if required because of this return is almost impossible Of adult products is different from other commodities, if the goods themselves are not quality problems, are not returned. Therefore, the purchase of adult products, the buyer is best able to have a general understanding of such items, do not understand the place with the owner online exchange, so as to avoid the trouble after the purchase.

how to use vibrator for women correctly

Women with a vibrating rod is the more common use of women in society today, a fun tool, a good friend to meet the physical and mental needs of female friends. So, women with shaking rods harmful to you, how to use it correctly?

Masturbation shock rods than normal sexual behavior to stimulate long-term use, then easy to G-spot stimulate the uterus, may lead to increased dysmenorrhea, so pay attention to the use of frequency and intensity of use. In fact, there is the most important point is that disinfection problems, the original sale of vibrating rods is not possible to eliminate toxic, pay attention to the use of health. Otherwise it will lead to a variety of inflammation.

In addition, from the physical point of view, women’s excessive masturbation is prone to vaginal and other gynecological diseases and even lead to infertility. Psychological normal men and women on the imagination of sexual life is a very normal physiological behavior, resulting in masturbation is a very natural physiological requirements. However, masturbation habits dyed, it will make this a normal physiological behavior evolved into abnormal psychological behavior. Should be as much as possible to focus on learning, work.

How to use vibrator for women rods correct? Women with a vibrator before and after use to clean water to maintain personal hygiene, not to wipe the volatile detergent. Do not flush directly when cleaning. Wipe with a damp towel to prevent short circuit in the switch or power supply. Please store this product in a cool place, avoid direct sun exposure, high temperature, humidity of the premises. In addition, the proposed use with lubricants, so as to avoid improper use hurt your delicate skin.